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The Villages of HATE


Recently, the Um’Gra Tribe was officially revealed as the first of four Tribes in the HATE universe.  Today, we take a closer look at where those Tribes will live: the Village.  Each tribe lives in a Village, which is large enough to defend against some outside threats, but small enough that it can be left behind.  Villages, like its members, can grow and develop over time and is useful for many things such as training and healing between battles.

HATE: Village Board
Work-in-progress Village board for HATE.

In HATE, the Village is an important location, where a Tribe can recuperate and heal between battles, and feast of the flesh of fallen enemies. But even during the conflict, players will have to manage their home base and keep the fires of the Forge burning if they hope to come out on top.

A Tribe’s Village is made up of different buildings, each of which are helpful in the development of the Tribe’s members. These Villages are more than simply a gathering of homes. They are training grounds, a communal kitchen and dining hall, and a spiritual center. They are a home to the Tribe, but being taken back to an opponent’s Village promises that your last hours are spent in terror and pain.

For full details on Villages check out the official article here.


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