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HATE: The Board Game

Out with Hope, In with HATE

  Have you succumbed to HATE yet?  If not, check a quick summary below or our up-to-date Chronicle for full details and links.   The campaign is now more than 2/3 completed, and how is it faring?  Personally, I think it’s doing great.  There are loads of other games that never even got close to trending towards $1.2M.  Unfortunately, many […]

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HATE: New Multiplayer Modes

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

  Onlookers questioned it, backers requested it, and CMON is making it.  That’s right wrestling fans, HATE is getting new multiplayer modes like tag team and battle royal!  How are they going to accomplish this?  Well, erm… other than adding extra components they’re not quite sure, but here’s an artist’s rendering of what it might look like!     In […]

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HATE: Kickstarter Tyrant Pledge

A Chronicle of HATE

The Kickstarter campaign for HATE is now live!  Don’t forget to submit your pledge before 2/7/18.  If you’re on the fence for some reason about the $120 Tyrant pledge, you can always pledge $1 and make the final decision in a few months when the pledge manager arrives.  Of course, you can always check back here too.  We’ll do our best to […]

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Official ‘HATE’ Trailer

Official ‘HATE’ Trailer

Official trailer for HATE released today.   Based on the “Chronicles of HATE” graphic novel by acclaimed artist Adrian Smith, HATE is a board game of brutal combat and conquest in a desolate world of savage warriors. Created by the same design team who brought you the Zombicide series, under the supervision of Eric Lang, Take control of your tribe […]

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HATE Kickstarter Exclusive Announcement

HATE: Kickstarter Exclusive!

Today, Guillotine Games and CMON announced the official Kickstarter date for Adrian Smith’s highly anticipated HATE: January 16th 2018 at 3 PM EST.  Additionally, in what is a first for both companies, they also announced this entire game will be Kickstarter-Exclusive.  Outside of the Kickstarter campaign, remaining copies will be available via conventions and CMON Play while supplies last. Why […]

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A mesmerizing scale comparison between the Feral Dragon, Carol Black-Oak, and the Necromantic Dragon. If you must know, the Necromantic Dragon stands 18.5cm tall, from base to wingtip.

Green Horde: Last Call

If you still haven’t completed your pledge manager yet, stop reading this now and go do it.  Today is the last day, and that’s after CMON already extended it by one week!  If you need help remembering everything that’s available, check out our guide to the optional buys. If you need any further convincing…. well… check out the resins Thiago […]

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Zombicide: Green Horde Ultimate Survivors Box

Optional Buy: Ultimate Black Plague Survivors

It appears our original comrades against the plague have not been merely lazing about.  In fact, they are coming back with a vengeance…  erm… ultimate vengeance? For only $30, backers can add the Kickstarter-Exclusive “Ultimate Survivors” box to their pledge. Some of you might have been wondering- with the new threat of the Green Horde, just what have our Black Plague […]

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Green Horde Paul Bonner Guest Artist

Optional Buy: Paul Bonner Special Guest Box

This box includes a vampiric necromancer as well as massive survivor minis from the mind of guest artist Paul Bonner.  The two most intriguing are listed here. Faolan Haunter of Northweald is not only a Necromancer, he’s a vampiric Necromancer!  What does that mean?  If either a Survivor or Faolan enter each other’s zone, that Survivor immediately sufferes 2 damage! […]

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Zombicide: Green Horde Adrian Smith Special Guest Box

Optional Buy: Adrian Smith Special Guest Box

A necromancer that summons abominations!?!? CMON seems to be pulling out all the stops when it comes to guest artist boxes this time around.  Introducing the “Lord of Skulls” and his faithful minions: “Doom” and “Gloom”. The Lord of Skulls is a Necromancer with amazing powers to control his corrupted subjects. When he spawns, he also comes escorted by his […]

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Zombicide: Green Horde Kickstarter Exclusive Rat King & Swamp Troll

Optional Buy: Rat King & Swamp Troll

Although the art by Adrian Smith is amazing, this Kickstarter-Exclusive add-on contains exactly what it looks like: more baddies. This Kickstarter Exclusive box comes with: 1x Rat King necromancer 1x Swamp Troll abomination 6x Swarms of Ratz The Rat King, as his name would suggest, has a particular affinity for the vermin of the world. When he spawns, as well as when […]

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