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The Others: 7 Sins Heritage Organizers by Go7Gaming

The Others: 7 Sins – Organized

Hands down, one of my favorite “big box” CMON games is The Others: 7 Sins.  The sculpts are great, the artwork is gorgeous, and our group really enjoys the “Sins player” mechanic where one person’s entire job is to slowly lure his his fellow gamers down the path of corruption. The game itself was made at a time when CMON […]

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Go7 Gaming Insert Organizer for The Others

The Others: Get Organized

I was pleasantly surprised to open my email this afternoon and find something on my wishlist waiting for me: an organizer for The Others.  As much as I love this game, and I do, getting it set up and putting it away seems to take forever sometimes.  For whatever reason, this title didn’t get a “huge” amount of press and […]

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