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Welcome to Geekfunder

Welcome to geekfunder

I know what you’re thinking.  What’s a geekfunder?  Please tell me its not yet another crowd funding site that I have to watch for…  Nope, not at all.  CMON has finally upped their pledge manager game, and this is the name for the new site.  The new site is supposed to be more user-friendly, much better visuals, and even tutorial […]

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Kick-Ass the Board Game by CMON

Kick-Ass: The Board Game

When I first saw that CMON was making a game based upon the Kick-Ass IP, I wasn’t too impressed to be honest.  I thought the first movie was “meh” at best, and we didn’t even bother to watch the sequel.  I’m very happy to say that all of that changed after spending a few minutes with Renato Sasdelli, its producer, […]

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Adrian Smith's Hate Kickstarter

Campaign For HATE

As with all campaigns, when the Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game campaign ended, CMON immediately began teasing the next one: a game based in the world of Adrian Smith’s HATE.  No release date and very few details are available at this time, but hopefully some will be forthcoming in a couple of days at Gen Con 2017. […]

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New Demo Titles Added for Gen Con 50!

Gen Con 50: New Demo Titles!

With the start of Gen Con 50 just days away, CMON has added a few new titles to the list of games available to demo including three new titles: 13 Clues, Dream On, and Way of the Panda!  Check out the full lineup here for more details on all 12 demo titles.          

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Get an autograph from Eric M. Lang, Michael Shinall, Fel Barros, and Fred Perret!

Designer Signings!

If you attend any CMON event with designers/producers, they are more than happy to say hello and sign something.  However, this year, CMON is making it official.  Eric, Michael, Fel, and Fred will be available every day of Gen Con, so stop on by.  Personally, I met Fel for the first time at CMON Expo this year.  If you get […]

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Pendragon Game Studio Way of the Panda Partnership

Pendragon: Partnership Confirmed!

Less than a month after CMON announced their partnership to publish the English version of “Way of the Panda”, Pendragon Studios has confirmed the same on their website.  What’s interesting is it seems the original title was “The Way of Panda”, which I actually like quite a bit better. We are proud to announce to have reached with CMON an […]

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Pendragon Game Studio Way of the Panda

Way of the Panda

At the end of the “From Concept to Final Product” panel at CMON Expo 2017, after we’d all calmed down from the new Zombicide: Green Horde revelations, Thiago had one last item to reveal.  CMON has entered into a partnership with Pendragon Game Studio to publish the English version of “Way of the Panda” in the USA!        

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