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HATE: First Details


Details have finally begun to emerge about CMON’s next Kickstarter project based on Adrian Smith’s graphic novel: Chronicles of Hate.

Adrian Smith's Chronicles of HATE
Chronicles of Hate Graphic Novel

In our world, hate was an emotion to avoid. It distracted us, tied us up, and corrupted our souls. But our world is over. It was destroyed through the actions of man. The seas boiled, the forests died, and the Earth began to rot. Few survived, and for those that did, life had changed forever. The mighty rose and quickly subjugated the weak, turning them into servants. Tribes were formed and war raged across the land. There weren’t enough resources to go around, and to live, others had to die. In battles, there was no truce, no surrender. To survive, you needed to hate.

This is not the world we once knew. Diplomacy, kindness, and understanding have been replaced with something much darker. Conflict ravages the land, entrapping everything it touches. War is not pretty, nor kind. And in the new world there is only war, death, and hate. To survive, to win, you must embrace it, or die.

In essence, each player controls a Tribe who is attempting to survive.  Tribes have members of different classes (e.g. Warrior, Shaman, Prince) who can grow and develop through Clashes with other Tribes, both in good ways and bad.  Clashes have a series of Missions each Tribe must accomplish, and combat is deck-driven.  Tribe decks are made up of standard cards available to all tribes, along with ones that are unique to their own.  A Chronicle is completed when each Tribe has Clashed with all of its peers and a winner is declared.


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