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Out with Hope, In with HATE


HATE: The Board Game


Have you succumbed to HATE yet?  If not, check a quick summary below or our up-to-date Chronicle for full details and links.


The campaign is now more than 2/3 completed, and how is it faring?  Personally, I think it’s doing great.  There are loads of other games that never even got close to trending towards $1.2M.  Unfortunately, many would answer “not well” because CMON hasn’t really run a campaign comparable to this one in awhile.  Not to mention the fact that HATE is both their first “Mature” and entirely Kickstarter-Exclusive title.  So, it also stands to reason that this won’t fit the same mold we saw several times in 2017.  Is HATE as popular as last year’s Rising Sun or Zombicide: Green Horde?  No, but it’s not supposed to be.  However, it IS outpacing last year’s SMOG: Rise of Moloch campaign in both backers and dollars per day, so if you thought Moloch was a success, then by all means HATE is too.


As far as stretch goals unlocked? For starters, all tokens have been upgraded to their “3D Plastic” counterparts for all backers.

HATE: Upgraded 3D Tokens


The amount of “stuff” in the game has seemingly doubled as well.  Backers repeatedly requested the ability to run two Clashes at the same time, so CMON is including two sets of maps, tokens, and anything else necessary to do so.

HATE: Extra Components



In addition to the six Mercenaries included with the base game, all backers will receive the following Mercenaries.

HATE: Extra Mercenary Figures



The number of Tribes have more than doubled from four to nine, and one/two more are expected.  At this point, backers will soon receive the complete Um’Cordu and Um’Gorr Tribes with their pledge.  The Sarrassa, Um’Tull, and Vore Nash Tribes are available to purchase as add-ons for $25 each.

HATE: Um'Cordu Tribe

HATE: Um'Gorr Tribe


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