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Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!


HATE: New Multiplayer Modes


Onlookers questioned it, backers requested it, and CMON is making it.  That’s right wrestling fans, HATE is getting new multiplayer modes like tag team and battle royal!  How are they going to accomplish this?  Well, erm… other than adding extra components they’re not quite sure, but here’s an artist’s rendering of what it might look like!


Hate: 4 Tribe Battle
4 Tribes engaged in a multiplayer battle


In all seriousness, HATE was originally meant to be a series of 1 on 1 battles between multiple tribes.  As such, the rules for the new types of battles simply haven’t been play tested yet, let alone developed.  Since backers were requesting multiple sets of components to have 2 separate 1v1 battles going on at the same time, it only seemed natural to have some sort of group battle mode.  NOTE: The current Clash system will still exist “as-is”, but certain points in the Chronicle will allow for these larger battles.

Here are some sample scenarios:

2 vs 2 – Allied Tribes struggle to complete objectives together, having to decide together who will focus on which mission. Will they forego one mission and obliterate the other tribe? Maybe one defends the Huts while the other goes for the Interest tokens…

2 vs 1 – One Tribe struggles to stay alive while being attacking by 2 other allied Tribes. Will the Plateaus and Trees give enough advantage to survive the onslaught? Will this lone Tribe perish against the alliance of two hateful enemies?

Free for All – Enemy Tribes found themselves interested in the same Territory. There is only one way to decide that, fighting against each other to the death.



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