Big Box Games — January 10, 2018 at 12:59 pm

Mercenaries Join the Fray


Not everyone in the HATE universe belongs to a tribe.  Mercenaries prefer to go it alone, seeking their way through the brutal landscape as lone wolves.  In order to add a Mercenary’s unique skills to their Tribe, players must first sacrifice a current member to make room.

They are mysterious figures wouldn’t fight for a Tribe… at least, not by choice.  Throughout a Chronicle of HATE, players will come across Mercenaries. These solitary creatures would prefer to go their own way, but with the right incentive, they could be convinced to join the war, fighting on the side of the player’s Tribe. Sometimes convincing someone requires offering a carrot, but these savage warriors are much more familiar with the enlightening power of the stick. Once they are done making their case, the Mercenary will be begging to join the Tribe, and more than willing to offer their unique skills to the cause.



For full details on the Mercenaries check out the official article here.

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