Organizers — June 25, 2017 at 3:02 pm

The Others: Get Organized

Go7 Gaming Insert Organizer for The Others
The Others main box organizer

I was pleasantly surprised to open my email this afternoon and find something on my wishlist waiting for me: an organizer for The Others.  As much as I love this game, and I do, getting it set up and putting it away seems to take forever sometimes.  For whatever reason, this title didn’t get a “huge” amount of press and I had lost hope that it would be popular enough to warrant an organizer from a 3rd party.

Today those fears were banished as Go7 Gaming announced their new line of “Others” organizers covering not only the base game, but also the apocalypse, team, sin, and men of faith boxes!

The Others™ is a huge pile of game and includes 15+ boxes filled with pounds and pounds of cardboard and minis.  Luckily, we managed to shoehorn all that content down into seven boxes (and three of the boxes are rather small).  If you own everything, our inserts let you throw out three team boxes, three sins boxes, and the two small hero expansion boxes (Men/Sons).

If you own The Others and need a nice, safe home for your tiles, cards, and minis, check out the new solutions here.

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