Kickstarter — June 27, 2017 at 8:52 am

One Final Push


Swamped with requests from backers, one final stretch goal now stands in our paths.  It is with a heavy heart that we see even the great Chromatic Unicorns were not safe from the plague.  When the campaign crosses the $4.7 Million threshold, all backers will receive this majestic beast’s Kickstarter Exclusive miniature and spawn cards for free.

The terrible blight that is the Chromatiz is one of the deadliest Abominations in existence, where once its pure and benevolent nature dwelled now only malice and hunger reside. Worse still, the Chromatic Unicorns were legendary in holding affinities for princes and princesses alike – a trait the blight have warped into varying bonuses based on the number of male and female survivors currently on the board.

It would be the utmost mercy to put down this once noble beast – if your group has the skill and luck to do so!


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