Announcements — January 11, 2018 at 9:00 pm

Holiday Sale: Shipping Update


If you’re one of the many folks who took advantage of CMON’s HUGE sale this holiday season, and perhaps you’re probably wondering “Where the heck is my order!?”  Well, you’re not alone.  It seems CMON didn’t expect the sale to be such a success, and didn’t have the staff on hand to handle all the orders.

Well, fear not, it seems things are getting back on track.  As announced in, of all places, the “Odds N Ends” section of their old website, all orders are currently being packed and are expected to ship on January 26th.  What, you don’t check a section that averages 3 posts a year!?  Weirdo.

We want to apologize to anyone affected by our shipping delays in relation to orders placed during CMON’s 2017 Holiday Sale and for any issues the delays caused during the holiday season. The response to the sale was huge compared to previous years, and, truthfully, we were not prepared. The number of orders far exceeded our expectations and our ability to keep pace.

Our team in the warehouse has been working tirelessly to pack and ship your orders, and we can say that all orders placed during the Holiday Sale will be shipped by January 26, 2018. If you are waiting on a response from our Customer Service team in regard to the status of your shipment, please know they are working as fast as they can to catch up with the heavy influx of tickets generated from the shipping delay. When your order ships, you will receive tracking information to the email we have on file.

Again, we apologize for any undue stress our delays have caused. We are using this as a learning experience as we strive to always increase or service to our customers who helped make CMON what it is today and will be in the future.


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