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Gen Con 50: Special Events

Zombicide After Dark - The Black Plague BIG Game
Is that an Ice Dragon!?

As far as I’m concerned, special events are the most fun experience at the convention.  As previously mentioned at CMON Expo, this year’s special events have been turned up to 11.  There are a few new ones here just for Gen Con, so sign up early before they get sold out.

Special Events

  • Dark Age – Doom of the Kukulkani
  • Godfather: Corleone’s Empire – Beat the Boss
  • Masmorra Dungeons of Arcadia – Allies Against Evil
  • Rum & Bones 2nd Tide – Raise the Colors!
  • Song of Ice & Fire – The Battle of Whispering Woods
  • Zombicide After Dark – The Black Plague BIG Game
  • Zombicide Black Plague: Gortsi Rising
  • Zombicide Black Plague: Evil Troy’s Army Assault


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