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New Demo Titles Added for Gen Con 50!

Gen Con 50: New Demo Titles!

With the start of Gen Con 50 just days away, CMON has added a few new titles to the list of games available to demo including three new titles: 13 Clues, Dream On, and Way of the Panda!  Check out the full lineup here for more details on all 12 demo titles.          

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Get an autograph from Eric M. Lang, Michael Shinall, Fel Barros, and Fred Perret!

Designer Signings!

If you attend any CMON event with designers/producers, they are more than happy to say hello and sign something.  However, this year, CMON is making it official.  Eric, Michael, Fel, and Fred will be available every day of Gen Con, so stop on by.  Personally, I met Fel for the first time at CMON Expo this year.  If you get […]

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BoardGameGeek Artist Series Blood Rage

BoardGameGeek Artist Series!

In this month’s geek store update thread where they announced having promos for Unfair, they also announced something utterly amazing: the BoardGameGeek Artist Series!  Every Monday in August, BGG will be revealing a new poster from some of our industry’s best artists who have put their own take on one of their favorite games.  By random happenstance, Blood Rage is […]

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Massive Darkness Printing Error

Massive Darkness: Printing Issues

Excited by the knowledge that all Massive Darkness pledges had left the factory, the anticipation among backers on social media was palpable.  Those in Europe were the first to receive their pledges and the wave of merry un-boxing videos and “pile of loot” pics had begun to spread.  Unfortunately, folks started to notice something that was a bit off-putting: the […]

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Blood Rage Dized

Blood Rage: Dized

This morning I was pleasantly surprised to discover an innovative new company called Dized.  They have developed an app that allows players to learn a game in real-time without having to read through the rulebook or watch an entire “how to play” video.  You simply set up the board game, turn on the app, and get started.  Last week, they […]

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Banana Bandits, Gang Rush: Breakout, Godfather: Corleone's Empire, Modern Art, and Sherlook

A Fistful of Games

CMON has started off Q3 by punching it right in the mouth.  As if invading SDCC and rocking Kickstarter Gold with A Song of Ice and Fire weren’t enough, they’ve just released some of their most anticipated titles of the year.  As of today, you can head down to your FLGS for some offers you can’t refuse. In The Godfather: Corleone’s […]

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The Others: Dice Tower Awards 2016 Results

The Others: Dice Tower Awards 2016 Results

Today, at the 10th annual Dice Tower Awards ceremony, the winners were announced for each of the 14 categories.  Game of the Year ended up going to a very deserving game: Scythe. As previously mentioned, The Others: 7 Sins was nominated for the Best Board Game Production award.  The competition was steep this year and unfortunately, it losing to a […]

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The Godfather: Corleone's Empire Tabletop Showcase

Showcase – The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire

As previously announced, Tabletop Showcase kicks off this week featuring coordinated productions to bring daily exclusive content about The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire. Check out each exciting video by heading over to their website, or clicking the links below: The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast – Theme Study Watch It Played! – How to Play Drive Thru Review – Play Through Rolling […]

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Pendragon Game Studio Way of the Panda Partnership

Pendragon: Partnership Confirmed!

Less than a month after CMON announced their partnership to publish the English version of “Way of the Panda”, Pendragon Studios has confirmed the same on their website.  What’s interesting is it seems the original title was “The Way of Panda”, which I actually like quite a bit better. We are proud to announce to have reached with CMON an […]

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Rising Sun Charity Event Gen Con 2017 Child Advocates

Rising Sun Charity Event

Every year Gen Con chooses a charity to support and this year is no exception.  They have chosen Child Advocates, an Indianapolis-based charity whose mission is to represent the best interests of abused and neglected children in court.  To help out with this great cause, CMON is holding a series of special events featuring Rising Sun. All told, 112 tickets […]

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