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BGG's Top 20 Most Anticipated of 2018

Top 20 Most Anticipated 2018

Final voting has begun for the top 20 Most Anticipated Board Games of 2018 on BGG.  After a few rounds of nominations several CMON titles have made the final cut.  Of particular note, Zombicide: Green Horde was nominated in 7 different categories and Rising Sun eclipsed the 1K nomination barrier, one of only two titles to do so!  Each of […]

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Unfair GenCon Promo Card

PSA: Unfair GenCon Promo In Stock @ BGG

Originally given out at GenCon 2016, the Unfair GenCon promo card is in stock at the BoardGameGeek Store for $3.  Get yours before they run out, and don’t forget to snag an Arcadia Quest Healing Fountain too if you haven’t!

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BoardGameGeek Artist Series Blood Rage

BoardGameGeek Artist Series!

In this month’s geek store update thread where they announced having promos for Unfair, they also announced something utterly amazing: the BoardGameGeek Artist Series!  Every Monday in August, BGG will be revealing a new poster from some of our industry’s best artists who have put their own take on one of their favorite games.  By random happenstance, Blood Rage is […]

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Origins Game Fair 2017 Modern Art BGG Preview

Modern Art: Origins Preview

Continuing their coverage of Origins Game Fair 2017, Beth Heile of BoardGameGeek sat down with CMON’s Sean Jacqemain for another sneak peak of Modern Art. Snag a copy from your FLGS on July 28th, 2017!

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Cannes 2017 Gang Rush: Breakout  BGG Preview

Gang Rush: Breakout – Cannes Preview

Continuing their coverage of Festival International Des Jeux 2017, Eric Martin of BoardGameGeek sat down with Ankama’s Pierre Henri Dupont for a sneak peak of Gang Rush: Breakout. Snag a copy from your FLGS sometime in Q2 2017!

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