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Zombicide Green Horde Kickstarter Exclusive 3D Plastic Hedges Set

Optional Buy: 3D Plastic Hedges

  This add-on was requested by the backers after the 3D Plastic Obstacles pack was introduced.  In essence, the pack included enough hedges to replace the cardboard hedge tokens included with the base game.  However, many backers noticed that there are “Hedge” images printed on the game Tiles themselves and wanted to fully immerse themselves in as much hedge as […]

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Zombicide: Green Horde Kickstarter Optional Buys

Amassing Your Horde

With the pledge manager for Zombicide: Green Horde closing soon (10/2/17) (10/10/17), we’re reviewing the various optional buys to help you finalize your purchases, from three different perspectives: the budget conscious, the reveler, and the humble collector.  You don’t need advice if you’re an avid collector, just buy one of everything and be done with it. 😉   What Type of Backer […]

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Lannister Guard with Plateau and Palisade for scale

Believe the Terrain, Not the Map

New resin samples have arrived for the 3D terrain packs, and some are quite frankly stunning. During the campaign I remember thinking something to the effect of “For $12, this 3D plateau better be massive…” and i’m pleased to say that it does NOT disappoint!

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Zombicide Green Horde Box and Logo

Pledge Yourself to the Horde

As many of you have undoubtedly seen, the pledge manager for Zombicide: Green Horde officially opened yesterday.  It will be open until October 2nd, so you have roughly 1 month to finalize your pledge.  If you know your username/password, you can access it directly here.  Otherwise, you will need to check your email for the link, search for “CKPM Admin” […]

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Adrian Smith's Hate Kickstarter

Campaign For HATE

As with all campaigns, when the Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game campaign ended, CMON immediately began teasing the next one: a game based in the world of Adrian Smith’s HATE.  No release date and very few details are available at this time, but hopefully some will be forthcoming in a couple of days at Gen Con 2017. […]

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Song of Ice & Fire Iron Throne

Winter Has Come

…for this campaign at least!  Let’s hope there will be a decent amount of time to play existing content before new “winter” content is released.  What started as a friendship between David Doust, Founder and President of CMON, and Jim Ludwig, owner of Dark Sword Miniatures, Inc. all those years ago has now become a partnership dedicated to delivering something […]

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Song of Ice & Fire Plastic Terrain Bundle

Switch to Terrain and Save a Bundle

Or spend one… hard to say.  Either way, the often requested Plastic Terrain Bundle has now become a reality.  For $74, backers can add this Kickstarter Exclusive bundle to their pledge and save $10 off of the normal price when purchasing them individually.  That’s a 12% discount! For a full rundown on the pictures and mechanics on each of the […]

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Song of Ice & Fire Plateaus Terrain Set

Elevate Your Battle Strategy

No, seriously.  In the latest update, new Terrain was announced to the surprise of everyone.  All of the current cardboard Terrain in the base game had already been accounted for, and this new Terrain is actually from a future expansion.  For $12, backers can add the Kickstarter Exclusive Plastic Plateaus Terrain Set to their pledge which includes two two plastic […]

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3D Render of the Weirwood Tree (with Ned and Catelyn for scale)

Technicolor Terrors & Inspirations

What appears to be the final terrain upgrade has just been revealed, the Kickstarter Exclusive Terrors & Inspirations Terrain Set.  For yet another $17, backers can upgrade the remaining cardboard terrain pieces: Weirwood Trees and Corpse Piles. As you may have noticed, the Weirwood tree is multi-colored to reflect the peculiar nature of this tree, instead of being a flat grey. […]

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A Song of Ice & Fire Mercenary Custom Dice

Death and Dice Level All Distinctions

Not to be outdone, the Mercenary faction has demanded equal treatment.  As such, they’ve also been granted optional buys to up the level of their playing field and rival the major houses. Now available: $10 – Mercenaries Dice $7 – Mercenaries Dice Bag $7 – Mercenaries Plastic Ruler  

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