Month: November 2017

CMON Holiday Sale 2017

Holiday Sale Live!

Starting today (11/27/17) and running through 12/24/17 (or while supplies last), the Holiday Sale at CMON’s online store is live touting deals up to 80% off select titles! A large portion of their sale is liquidating some of their older titles such as B-Seiged, Kaosball, and Rivet Wars including all of their expansions. More titles are supposed to arrive throughout […]

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Dragon Castle by Horrible Games

Dragon Castle Revealed!

Following its first tease and subsequent launch at Essen, the new game Dragon Castle has been added to CMON’s list of products on their website.  Dragon Castle was designed by the folks at Horrible Games who also brought you Potion Explosion and Raise Your Goblets.  At its core, it is the solitaire version of Mahjong with a modern twist and looks […]

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The Others: 7 Sins Heritage Organizers by Go7Gaming

The Others: 7 Sins – Organized

Hands down, one of my favorite “big box” CMON games is The Others: 7 Sins.  The sculpts are great, the artwork is gorgeous, and our group really enjoys the “Sins player” mechanic where one person’s entire job is to slowly lure his his fellow gamers down the path of corruption. The game itself was made at a time when CMON […]

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CMON Dice Tower Promos 2017 IndieGoGo

PSA: Chuck & Erik Summoner In Stock @ CSI

The Arcadia Quest promo pet Chuck is in stock at CoolStuffInc for $35. Chuck’s ability is he may store up to 3 unused non-CRIT dice rolls rolled by close owners.  Close Owners may move these stored results to their rolls.  This was originally part of the 2017 Dice Tower IndieGoGo campaign, and if it’s anything like previous years will sell out very […]

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