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Winter Has Come


…for this campaign at least!  Let’s hope there will be a decent amount of time to play existing content before new “winter” content is released.  What started as a friendship between David Doust, Founder and President of CMON, and Jim Ludwig, owner of Dark Sword Miniatures, Inc. all those years ago has now become a partnership dedicated to delivering something great.  Unless i’m much mistaken, this has been the most successful “miniatures” campaign on Kickstarter coming in at $1,690,466 from 9,040 backers!


Song of Ice & Fire Factions
More Factions Teased at the End of the Campaign


Personally, I am not a “miniatures” gamer.  I will say, they always have the most amazing terrain setups at the conventions, but once it involves tape measures and laser pointers, i’m out.  I have no desire to get into arguments about line of sight, distance, or degrees of rotation.  However, what CMON appears to have been able to do with ASOIF:TMG is strip off all the minutiae and present the core mechanics in a manner that is accessible to a broader audience of gamers.  Paired with some amazing miniatures from Dark Sword and a veritable well of endless content from A Song of Ice & Fire, this hybrid could become a staple of the gaming world for years to come.

Final judgement will come at some point, but for now based on what I’ve seen during this campaign and at CMON Expo, I’m highly optimistic that this will be a fun addition to my gaming library.  Congratulations again to everyone involved with the project over the last few years!

Song of Ice & Fire Iron Throne
A Song of Ice & Fire Iron Throne

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