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What’s In Store At Gen Con 50?


The store stayed surprisingly well stocked throughout the entire convention, and there were a number of new titles on sale that aren’t yet available at retail including Dream On, Gateway Uprising, Potion Explosion: The Fifth Ingredient, and a number of Rum & Bones expansions.

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Of course, no trip through the CMON store would be complete without a trip to the promo display.  For every $25 spent on new games, buyers get one ticket.  Tickets can then be exchanged for promos from past Kickstarter campaigns and other special events.  This year’s booth certainly did not disappoint, as it included a Gen Con 50 exclusive character for Arcadia Quest: Princess Pearl!

Gen Con 2017 Exclusive CMON Arcadia Quest Princess Pearl
Gen Con 50 Exclusive Princess Pearl


CMON Gen Con 2017 Promo Sheet
“Side A” of Available Promos


CMON Gen Con 2017 Promo Sheet
Side “B” of Available Promos

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