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Welcome to the Dragon Castle!


Dragon Castle by Horrible Games

Horrible Games has teased Dragon Castle, a new title to be officially launched at Essen SPIEL 2017.  Although the announcement has a decent amount of content including the box art and a preliminary rulebook, no publisher has yet to be named.  However, CMON has published several of their titles including Potion Explosion and Raise Your Goblets

The Dragon Castle—the most ancient and important center of power in the Realm—is in decline. Its power and influence have been fading for decades, but now that it has lost the favor of the mighty Eldest Dragon, the people are abandoning the city in search of a new home where they can live a long and prosperous life. And you, the lords of the nearby realms, are more than eager to welcome them!

Dragon Castle by Horrible Games
Dragon Castle by Horrible Games

Dragon Castle™ is a game for 2 to 4 players by Lorenzo Silva (Dungeon Fighter, Steam Park, Potion Explosion), Hjalmar Hach (Hall of Fame, Photosynthesis) and Luca Ricci (The Vampire, the Elf and the Cthulhu), and illustrated by Cinyee Chiu. It is freely inspired by the traditional Chinese game, Mahjong. During your turn, you will take a pair of identical tiles from the central “castle” (known as the Dragon Castle) and place them on your own Realm board to build your own castle.


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