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Zombicide: Green Horde – New Content Revealed!

Orc and Goblin Units

Today we attended the “From Concept to Final Product” panel at CMON Expo.  This explored the stories behind 3 new upcoming titles: The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire, Rising Sun, and Zombicide: Green Horde.

Green Horde takes place after the events of its predecessor, Black Plague.  The human populations have been infected, and now the disease is beginning to spread throughout the countryside.  This chapter allows us to explore what affects that has on the world of which the races of Orcs and Goblins were not immune.

The main difference between Human and Orc zombies is that the Orc variety are MUCH stronger.  For example, every successful hit from an Orc Fatty results in 3 damage to a survivor.  There has been some criticism that this isn’t THAT big of a change, but it actually may be.  In previous titles, teams would always target the runners first because they could do the most harm.  Now, however, the better strategy may be to let the runners through.

New Terrain Types

New terrain types were also revealed and discussed which add more mechanics to the game.  Among the most interesting are water holes and ledges.  Largely submerged, the water hole spaces will slow down the movement of anyone passing through them.  Ledges, however, can be traversed by humans but not zombies.  Also noticed by fans, but not directly commented on, is the fact that the tiles appear to have light patches and dark patches a-la Massive Darkness.  It is purely speculation at this point, but this may have some interesting side effects too.

The Horde mechanic was further explained too.  Basically, it will allow a group of Orc zombies to slowly amass on the side of the board lying in wait to ambush the survivors.  As zombie cards with the Horde symbol are drawn, extra zombies of the same type are added to the Horde.  They will remain here until an “Enter the Horde!” card is drawn, and their assault beings en masse.

New Weapons and Armor


It goes without saying, in order to survive the coming Horde our survivors will need new weapons and armor at their disposal, and they will receive just that.  The largest, of course, is the introduction of a catapult.  The catapult can be loaded with several different types of ammo and has a special targeting system which can even target the Horde before its unleashed.  Weapons and armor may have affinities for one another which will grant bonuses for owning a complete set.

Look for more details when this latest chapter launches May 30th at 3 pm EST on Kickstarter.


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