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A mesmerizing scale comparison between the Feral Dragon, Carol Black-Oak, and the Necromantic Dragon. If you must know, the Necromantic Dragon stands 18.5cm tall, from base to wingtip.

Green Horde: Last Call

If you still haven’t completed your pledge manager yet, stop reading this now and go do it.  Today is the last day, and that’s after CMON already extended it by one week!  If you need help remembering everything that’s available, check out our guide to the optional buys. If you need any further convincing…. well… check out the resins Thiago […]

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Lannister Guard with Plateau and Palisade for scale

Believe the Terrain, Not the Map

New resin samples have arrived for the 3D terrain packs, and some are quite frankly stunning. During the campaign I remember thinking something to the effect of “For $12, this 3D plateau better be massive…” and i’m pleased to say that it does NOT disappoint!

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