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Lorenzo il Magnifico: New Leaders #1

PSA: Lorenzo il Magnifico Promos In Stock @ BGG

The Lorenzo il Magnifico: New Leaders promo packs are in stock at the BoardGameGeek Store for $5 each. These were originally handed out at Essen 2016, and if they’re anything like the Ethnos Fairies Tribe pack, they’ll sell out very quickly.   New Leaders #1 Raffaello Sanzio – Once per round convert 1 Victory Point to 3 coins or 1 coin to […]

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CMON Dice Tower Promos 2017 IndieGoGo

PSA: Chuck & Erik Summoner In Stock @ CSI

The Arcadia Quest promo pet Chuck is in stock at CoolStuffInc for $35. Chuck’s ability is he may store up to 3 unused non-CRIT dice rolls rolled by close owners.  Close Owners may move these stored results to their rolls.  This was originally part of the 2017 Dice Tower IndieGoGo campaign, and if it’s anything like previous years will sell out very […]

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CMON Store Gen Con 2017

What’s In Store At Gen Con 50?

The store stayed surprisingly well stocked throughout the entire convention, and there were a number of new titles on sale that aren’t yet available at retail including Dream On, Gateway Uprising, Potion Explosion: The Fifth Ingredient, and a number of Rum & Bones expansions. Of course, no trip through the CMON store would be complete without a trip to the promo display. […]

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Unfair GenCon Promo Card

PSA: Unfair GenCon Promo In Stock @ BGG

Originally given out at GenCon 2016, the Unfair GenCon promo card is in stock at the BoardGameGeek Store for $3.  Get yours before they run out, and don’t forget to snag an Arcadia Quest Healing Fountain too if you haven’t!

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Healing Fountain Tile w/ Portals

PSA: AQ Healing Fountain and Ethnos Fairies Promos In Stock @ BGG

  The Arcadia Quest Healing Fountain Promo is in stock at the BoardGameGeek Store for $5. This was originally part of the 2016 Brettspiel Advent calendar, and if it’s anything like the 2016 CMON promo pack will sell out very quickly.   Also available for $5 is the Fairies Promo Tribe for Ethnos in case you missed it at CMON Expo.  When […]

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