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Fred Perret demos Arcadia Quest Pets

Take It For A Test Drive

You can watch reviews of board games, but most folks give positive reviews to almost every game.  So, how do you know for sure if you’ll like a game?  If you can make it to a convention, getting a demo of the game is a good place to start.  As previously mentioned, CMON had quite a few games in their […]

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CMON Store Gen Con 2017

What’s In Store At Gen Con 50?

The store stayed surprisingly well stocked throughout the entire convention, and there were a number of new titles on sale that aren’t yet available at retail including Dream On, Gateway Uprising, Potion Explosion: The Fifth Ingredient, and a number of Rum & Bones expansions. Of course, no trip through the CMON store would be complete without a trip to the promo display. […]

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The Godfather: Corleone's Empire Gen Con 2017

Booth Upgrades Installed

As an event sponsor CMON had one of the larger footprints at Gen Con 50 and they made full use of their space.  It’s not clear whether they learned some lessons from the Origins booth or if they were saving all the good stuff for the big show, but the new booth was nothing short of spectacular.  In fact, they […]

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Gen Con 50 Dragon

Gen Con 50: Recap

  Gen Con 50, my first, is in the books and the bar has been set high! Check back here for all the sights and sounds we encountered as we have time to sift through them. Booth Upgrades Installed What’s In Store? Take It For A Test Drive  Keep Calm and Plan Events  

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Gen Con 50 Completely Sold Out!

Gen Con 50: SOLD OUT!

If you don’t have a ticket yet, there’s none left… first time EVAR!  If you do, then make sure to check out what CMON will be up to.   Gen Con Sells Out Historic 50th Convention FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Indianapolis (August 14, 2017) Gen Con, North America’s longest-running and best-attended tabletop game convention, has announced a complete sellout of badges for […]

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New Demo Titles Added for Gen Con 50!

Gen Con 50: New Demo Titles!

With the start of Gen Con 50 just days away, CMON has added a few new titles to the list of games available to demo including three new titles: 13 Clues, Dream On, and Way of the Panda!  Check out the full lineup here for more details on all 12 demo titles.          

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Get an autograph from Eric M. Lang, Michael Shinall, Fel Barros, and Fred Perret!

Designer Signings!

If you attend any CMON event with designers/producers, they are more than happy to say hello and sign something.  However, this year, CMON is making it official.  Eric, Michael, Fel, and Fred will be available every day of Gen Con, so stop on by.  Personally, I met Fel for the first time at CMON Expo this year.  If you get […]

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Gen Con 2017

Gen Con 50: Lineup

It’s no secret that Gen Con has some of the largest crowds you’ll see at a gaming convention.  This year is no exception as it’s the 50th anniversary. To accommodate more folks they’ve expanded out onto the field at Lucas Oil Stadium and even invited They Might Be Giants to put on a concert. How then, can you guarantee your chance […]

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CMON Booth at Origins Game Fair 2017

Origins Booth

The CMON booth this year wasn’t as impressive as in years past, but the game art panels in the background were definitely a welcome sight.  As a sponsor of the show, the booth was located in the exhibit hall and thus was accessible for most of the day with the exception that the store did close at the same time […]

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Origins 2017

Origins 2017 Recap

We were fortunate enough to be able to attend Origins Game Fair this year, and it did not disappoint!  Now that things have settled down a bit, we’ve had time to sift through everything and will spend the next few days sharing all the sights and sounds we’d encountered.  

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