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BGG's Top 20 Most Anticipated of 2018

Top 20 Most Anticipated 2018

Final voting has begun for the top 20 Most Anticipated Board Games of 2018 on BGG.  After a few rounds of nominations several CMON titles have made the final cut.  Of particular note, Zombicide: Green Horde was nominated in 7 different categories and Rising Sun eclipsed the 1K nomination barrier, one of only two titles to do so!  Each of […]

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BoardGameGeek Artist Series Blood Rage

PSA: BGG Artist Series Preorders Open

Now through the end of September pre-orders are available for posters of any of the first four titles: Blood Rage, Agricola, Mysterium, and Galaxy Trucker in the following sizes:  12″ x 18″  16″ x 24″  20″ x 30″  24″ x 36″ Afterwards, only the 12″ x 18″ size will be available, so get yours today!

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Healing Fountain Tile w/ Portals

PSA: AQ Healing Fountain and Ethnos Fairies Promos In Stock @ BGG

  The Arcadia Quest Healing Fountain Promo is in stock at the BoardGameGeek Store for $5. This was originally part of the 2016 Brettspiel Advent calendar, and if it’s anything like the 2016 CMON promo pack will sell out very quickly.   Also available for $5 is the Fairies Promo Tribe for Ethnos in case you missed it at CMON Expo.  When […]

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