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Should We Ruin It?

Song of Ice & Fire Northern Ruins Terrain Set
Song of Ice & Fire Northern Ruins Terrain Set

The campaign’s twelfth add-on, the Northern Ruins Terrain Set is available for, you guessed it, $17!  Backers can add these wonderful 3D terrain pieces to to upgrade their corresponding cardboard terrain pieces already included in the base game and enrich the ASOIF:TMG experience.

This set will make applying Terrain Keywords all the more meaningful and really take your game to the next level.

The contents of the Northern Ruins Terrain Set are:

  • 1 Bog
  • 1 Low Wall
  • 2 Ruined Walls

Bogs are notoriously hard to transverse! They typically possess the Hindering keyword, which is going to make charging through them quite the risk! For added effect, you can add the Dangerous keyword, since who knows what lies beneath!

Meanwhile the humble Low Wall is not to be discounted either. These structures typically have the Cover and Fortified keywords, meaning they will provide additional advantages to Defense for against both Ranged and Melee attacks.

When playing with the Ruined Walls you can treat them as normal, or add in the Destructible keyword, making their usage limited before they are completely removed from the battlefield!

Song of Ice & Fire Northern Ruins Terrain Set 3D Render
3D Preview render of the Northern Ruins Terrain Set


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