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PSA: Chuck & Erik Summoner In Stock @ CSI


The Arcadia Quest promo pet Chuck is in stock at CoolStuffInc for $35. Chuck’s ability is he may store up to 3 unused non-CRIT dice rolls rolled by close owners.  Close Owners may move these stored results to their rolls.  This was originally part of the 2017 Dice Tower IndieGoGo campaign, and if it’s anything like previous years will sell out very quickly.

Arcadia Quest Promo Pet Chuck from Dice Tower Kickstarter
Promo Pet “Chuck”


Also available for $35 is Erik Summoner the promo necromancer for Zombicide: Black Plague (GUFPR01).  Erik’s ability is unique in that his spawn zone moves along with his miniature!

Zombicide Promo Necromancer Erik Summoner from Dice Tower Kickstarter
Promo Necromancer “Erik Summoner”


Finally, if you still haven’t picked one up, Zee – The Poet Tyrant for Rum & Bones (RB-PR004) is also available for $19.99. Zee was originally part of the 2016 Dice Tower Kickstarter campaign.

Rum & Bones Promo Zee - The Poet Tyrant from Dice Tower Kickstarter
Promo Mercenary “Zee – The Poet Tyrant”

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