Kickstarter — August 30, 2017 at 2:34 pm

Pledge Yourself to the Horde

Kickstarter Exclusive Horde Box
Kickstarter Exclusive Horde Box – Useful As Well As Decorative!

As many of you have undoubtedly seen, the pledge manager for Zombicide: Green Horde officially opened yesterday.  It will be open until October 2nd, so you have roughly 1 month to finalize your pledge.  If you know your username/password, you can access it directly here.  Otherwise, you will need to check your email for the link, search for “CKPM Admin” or just “CKPM” for short.

If you’re just hearing about Zombicide: Green Horde, fear not!  You can still become a “late backer”, simply fill out the form located here to sign up.  You will have all the same rights and privileges as someone who backed during the campaign itself, just make sure to finalize everything before the deadline.

In the near future, look for a guide to the “Optional Buys” to help you finalize your pledge, just like we did for Rising Sun.

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