Kickstarter — June 16, 2017 at 11:11 pm

Overcome by Plastic Obstacles


Do you find yourself longing for plastic shrubbery?  If so, here’s the place to get some!  Introducing the next Kickstarter Exclusive (KSE) add-on of the campaign, the 3D Plastic Obstacles set!  For $15, backers can add these wonderful 3D obstacles to upgrade their corresponding cardboard pieces already included in the base game and further bling out your Zombicide: Green Horde experience.

Zombicide Green Horde 3D Plastic Barriers
Barrier Miniatures 3D Render


Standing about 8cm long, 3cm tall, and 3cm wide, the Barriers create obstacles Actors cannot move through, but that don’t block line of sight. They form perfect spots to attract Zombies to so you can mow them down with ranged weapons and spells!


Zombicide Green Horde 3D Plastic Hedges
Hedge Miniatures 3D Render

Standing about 8cm long, 5cm tall, and 3cm wide, Hedges are peculiar terrain features that block line of sight while still allowing Actors to move through them. They can be very useful for evading the Zombies who are chasing you, although you should always be wary of crossing a Hedge if none of your companions can see what’s on the other side. There’s a 1 in 6 chance that an unexpected Zombie is waiting for you on the other side!


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