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Optional Buy: Ultimate Black Plague Survivors

Zombicide: Green Horde Ultimate Survivors
Zombicide: Green Horde Ultimate Survivors Box

It appears our original comrades against the plague have not been merely lazing about.  In fact, they are coming back with a vengeance…  erm… ultimate vengeance? For only $30, backers can add the Kickstarter-Exclusive “Ultimate Survivors” box to their pledge.

Some of you might have been wondering- with the new threat of the Green Horde, just what have our Black Plague Season 1 Heroes been up to? It would appear that they have been gathering their strength, honing their skills, and, most of all, reaching legendary status in their fight against the Necromancers!

Presenting the Kickstarter Exclusive set of Black Plague Ultimate Survivors!

Gather the original group of Black Plague in their new Ultimate Survivor versions! See how this band of heroes has progressed during the Plague Times with new experiences and training- and of course, being the Ultimate Survivors they are, that means two blue Skills right off the bat!


The Budget ConsciousPASS

If I want to play with the Zombicide: Black Plague survivors, I’ll go get them from that box.

The RevelerBUY

Survivors with “Legendary” status!?

The Humble CollectorBUY

Another Kickstarter Exclusive…


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