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Optional Buy: Paul Bonner Special Guest Box

Zombicide: Green Horde Paul Bonner Special Guest Box
Zombicide: Green Horde Paul Bonner Special Guest Box

This box includes a vampiric necromancer as well as massive survivor minis from the mind of guest artist Paul Bonner.  The two most intriguing are listed here.

Zombicide Green Horde Faolan Vampiric Necromancer
Zombicide: Green Horde Faolan Vampiric Necromancer

Faolan Haunter of Northweald is not only a Necromancer, he’s a vampiric Necromancer!  What does that mean?  If either a Survivor or Faolan enter each other’s zone, that Survivor immediately sufferes 2 damage!

Zombicide Green Horde Kirag Thorg
Zombicide: Green Horde Kirag Thorg

Kirag and Thorg represent a very different kind of Survivor for Zombicide: While they are a single miniature (and a massive one at that) they are actually two separate Survivors, with two individual ID cards! They may be controlled by different players, or a single player may control both if your table has less than 6 players. Kirag (the dwarf on top), cannot make Move actions of his own, but Thorg (the ogre below him) carries him wherever he goes. Aside from that, they can take other actions like normal survivors. However, if either of these Survivors is killed, the other one is also immediately eliminated.


The Budget ConsciousPASS

Zombicide: Black Plague had waaaaay too many guest artist boxes and I’ve done fine without any of them.

The RevelerBUY

Will the new mechanics never end?  The amount of content in this campaign is ridiculous!

The Humble CollectorBUY

I would kick myself if somehow I missed out on these first of their kind additions.


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