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Optional Buy: Green Horde Extra Tiles Pack

Zombicide Green Horde Extra Tiles Pack
Zombicide Green Horde Extra Tiles Pack

One of the things that makes the Zombicide franchise great is from the beginning Guillotine Games has striven to provide a great sandbox for players. Players can grab components from almost any Zombicide box and combine them together to make their own custom scenarios, missions, campaigns, etc…   The Green Horde Extra Tiles Pack is merely the next step in that journey.

For $28 you can double the size of the sandbox, so to speak.  Missions can be created using both sides of every Green Horde Tile at the same time.


The Budget ConsciousPASS

I could buy alot of other games for $28…

The RevelerTOSS UP

If you’re the kind of player who likes to make their own stories, then this is definitely for you.  Otherwise, this is a pass.

The Humble CollectorPASS

These aren’t exclusive.  If these are ever needed in the future, you may be able to pick them up at retail.


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