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Optional Buy: 3D Plastic Hedges

Zombicide Green Horde Kickstarter Exclusive 3D Plastic Hedges Set
Zombicide: Green Horde Kickstarter Exclusive 3D Plastic Hedges Set


This add-on was requested by the backers after the 3D Plastic Obstacles pack was introduced.  In essence, the pack included enough hedges to replace the cardboard hedge tokens included with the base game.  However, many backers noticed that there are “Hedge” images printed on the game Tiles themselves and wanted to fully immerse themselves in as much hedge as possible.

For $16 you can get a package of 14 Kickstarter-Exclusive 3D plastic hedges to complete your set.  Combined with the obstacles pack, this will only bring your total of hedges up to 20 so aspiring botanists will want to get several of these packs:

The number of Hedges featured in a map can vary greatly. In the Green Horde scenarios it ranges from 5 to 33 Hedges on the map (not counting superfluous Hedges such as those on the edge of the board, those standing against a wall with no door, or those standing against another Hedge). If you’re already getting the 3D Plastic Obstacles pack, adding 1 copy of the 3D Plastic Hedges pack will be enough for half of the core box Quests. If you get 2 copies of the Hedges pack, you’ll have enough for all of the core box Quests. And if you want to be safe for any other map layouts, or to also feature any superfluous Hedges, you may want to get 3 copies of the Hedges pack.


The Budget ConsciousPASS

The base game already comes with everything I need, why I would I buy plastic plants?

The RevelerBUY

One can never have too many hedges, and you’ll feel inadequate if you are a single hedge short.  Pledge for three just to be safe.

The Humble CollectorPASS

The 3D Plastic Obstacles pack includes some of these, so I’m covered.


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