Kickstarter — June 26, 2017 at 12:25 pm

Kings and Trolls


Introducing another Kickstarter exclusive add-on, the Rat King & Swamp Troll box!  For only $25, backers can add these abominations to the Horde.

This Kickstarter Exclusive box comes with:

  • 1x Rat King necromancer
  • 1x Swamp Troll abomination
  • 6x Swarms of Ratz

The Rat King, as his name would suggest, has a particular affinity for the vermin of the world. When he spawns, as well as when he activates, he’ll also begin to flood the board with more of his summoned Swarms of Ratz minions as he makes his escape – making him not only a terrible nuisance but a massive threat if he is not dealt with immediately!

Next we have the Swamp Troll! This cunning abomination lurks in the deep waters of the map, waiting to surprise any weary Survivor who happens upon its nest. When the Swamp Troll spawns, it will spawn in the Watering Hole closest to a Survivor, leading to a deadly ambush from which they may not survive!


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