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HATE: Kickstarter Exclusive!


Today, Guillotine Games and CMON announced the official Kickstarter date for Adrian Smith’s highly anticipated HATE: January 16th 2018 at 3 PM EST.  Additionally, in what is a first for both companies, they also announced this entire game will be Kickstarter-Exclusive.  Outside of the Kickstarter campaign, remaining copies will be available via conventions and CMON Play while supplies last.

Why is HATE Kickstarter exclusive?

Our ultimate goal with HATE is to offer a game that remains as true as possible to the source material: Adrian Smith’s Chronicles of HATE graphic novels. As you might guess from the name, the world of HATE is not a happy or peaceful one and includes a lot of mature content. We know not everyone will find this type of experience pleasant, so instead of stripping out the atmosphere, we are going direct to those who will want this type of gaming experience, including our retailers through CMON Play.

Adrian Smith's Hate Kickstarter
Tyrant or Dead. The choice is yours.

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