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Elevate Your Battle Strategy

Song of Ice & Fire Plateaus Terrain Set
3D Render of the plastic Plateau

No, seriously.  In the latest update, new Terrain was announced to the surprise of everyone.  All of the current cardboard Terrain in the base game had already been accounted for, and this new Terrain is actually from a future expansion.  For $12, backers can add the Kickstarter Exclusive Plastic Plateaus Terrain Set to their pledge which includes two two plastic Plateau terrain pieces, each being approximately 23cm by 26cm wide, and almost 5cm tall.

This Kickstarter Exclusive Terrain Set includes the following:

  • 2x Plastic Plateaus

This piece represents the elevated sections of the Battlefield and usually carries the Elevated keyword, which allows units on it to ignore other terrain pieces and units when tracing line of sight. Obviously this has little use for melee-only units, but for anyone who specializes in ranged having the high ground is an obvious boon. That unit of Sworn Swords hiding behind a Cover-granting Low Wall? Your Crossbowmen don’t care! An especially nasty trick would be to screen your unit with a big banded unit, say the Lannister Guards, and have them fire from the safety of their elevation.

While the keyword system allows you to designate the piece as having whatever words you want, some make more sense than others. If you want to play a particularly steep plateau, for example, you can also choose to give it the Hindering keyword as well, meaning it is especially difficult for a unit to charge into, thus making it a bastion of defense for melee units, especially if something like an Objective just happens to be parked on top of it!

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