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Banana Bandits Apprehended!


CMON announced today that they have entered into a licensing agreement for the exclusive, worldwide, English language rights to Edward Chan’s Banana Bandits from Mandoo Games.  This game’s unique 3D Banana Bank Tower is guaranteed to turn the heads of anyone walking by.  It supports 2 to 4 players and is due to release in late Q2 of 2017 for an MSRP of $29.99.

Edward Chan's Banana Bandits
Edward Chan’s Banana Bandits

In Banana Bandits, players are vying to become the new leader of the Banana Bandits gang, a group of highly-trained, banana-loving, Gorilla Bandits. To do so, players will literally climb their way to the top of a unique, 3D cardboard tower, fighting with and stealing from other hopeful Bandits. Once a player has stolen enough Gorilla Coins and converted them into 3 Golden Banana Coins, they instantly become the new gang leader and win the game. To steal those coveted Gorilla Coins, the Bandits must attack each other using an intuitive dice system and various cards that will add bonuses during the fight. Each game is fast-paced, lasting around 30 minutes.

Kevin Kichan Kim, owner of Mandoo Games, says, “We’re so happy to work with CMON. We’re fans of their amazing projects and are excited to join in on the journey to bring Banana Bandits to the English speaking market.” David Preti, Creative Director of CMON, says “We’re excited to work with Mandoo Games to bring Banana Bandits to gamers’ tables. It offers a unique experience that is easy to pick up and has a fun presence on the table, like the recently released Potion Explosion. It’s perfect for the ever-expanding family of CMON board games.”




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