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APB: Bandits On the Loose!


The first time you see it being played, I guarantee you’ll take notice.  That’s just what I did the first time I laid eyes on Banana Bandits.  As previously announced, CMON has given this unique 3D Banana Bank Tower game an English translation so a new region of fans can enjoy it.  Now available at your FLGS for MSRP of $29.99.

Want to see it in action? Watch the preview from Origins Game Fair here.

Edward Chan's Banana Bandits
Edward Chan’s Banana Bandits

Ape action on a whole new level!

The big boss is retiring to go live on a banana plantation down south, so his top lieutenants are going to battle it out to see who gets to take his place as the new boss of the Banana Bandits!

In Banana Bandits, up to four hopeful apes scale an impressive 3D tower, gaining coins, and fighting with the competition. If they’re able to deal out the most damage and acquire the precious Banana Coins, they’ll be in charge of the operation in no time, giving orders to those other gorilla goofs!


• Big Building – The playing surface is the impressive, 3D tower. Players move around, collect coins, and duke it out on a tower that’s as cool to look at, as it is to play on.
• Power Cards – Cards like Ultimate Attack and Banana Power help boost actions throughout the game, making combat fun and strategic.
• Fast Fun – With simple rules and game play, each round of Banana Bandits lasts around 30 minutes.


• 1 3D Tower
• 6 Attack Dice
• 2 Bonus Dice
• 4 Gorilla Figures
• 4 Gorilla Markers
• 40 Cards
• 44 Gorilla Coins
• 10 Banana Coins
• 1 Rulebook


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