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CMON's 2018 Releases

2018 Release Dates: First Look

Nothing has been “officially” announced by CMON, but release dates for some of 2018’s more anticipated titles have started appearing on various online board game stores.  As we’ve seen before, these are estimates at best and will depend heavily on outside factors such as shipping delays, clearing customs, etc. Here are the details: March 30th, 2018 • Bloodborne – The […]

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Art book of HATE

The Art (Book) of HATE

The latest HATE campaign update reveals a limited edition “Art Book” by the man himself, Adrian Smith. For $25, this hardcover beauty contains the amazing art for all-things HATE including the base game, expansions, and promos across more than 200 pages!  As with the entire campaign, this book IS Kickstarter-Exclusive.  The only way to guarantee a copy is to add it to your pledge […]

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Official ‘HATE’ Trailer

Official ‘HATE’ Trailer

Official trailer for HATE released today.   Based on the “Chronicles of HATE” graphic novel by acclaimed artist Adrian Smith, HATE is a board game of brutal combat and conquest in a desolate world of savage warriors. Created by the same design team who brought you the Zombicide series, under the supervision of Eric Lang, Take control of your tribe […]

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HATE: The Board Game

It’s Time to HATE

HATE: The Board Game officially launches on Kickstarter tomorrow, but CMON has slowly been releasing teasers and tidbits for months now.  Due to the mature nature of the content, the entire game will be Kickstarter-exclusive and will not go to retail.  As the anticipation continues to build, let’s take a look at everything that’s been released so far.   HATE […]

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HATE: Mercenaries

Mercenaries Join the Fray

Not everyone in the HATE universe belongs to a tribe.  Mercenaries prefer to go it alone, seeking their way through the brutal landscape as lone wolves.  In order to add a Mercenary’s unique skills to their Tribe, players must first sacrifice a current member to make room. They are mysterious figures wouldn’t fight for a Tribe… at least, not by […]

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HATE: Um'Cal Champion Warrior

HATE: Um’Cal Tribe

The Um’Cal Tribe is the fourth Tribe officially revealed from the HATE universe. The Um’Cal Tribe knows all about sacrifice. They’ve had to make many to survive over the years. Life is fleeting, but the Tribe will last through the ages. When one of their own falls in battle, the hate within them boils over. Losing a member would make some […]

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HATE: Um'Kator Warrior

HATE: Um’Kator Tribe

The Um’Kator Tribe is the third Tribe officially revealed from the HATE universe. The Um’Kator rely on their flexibility to succeed in battle and to keep fresh meat in the bellies of the young ones of the Tribe. In battles, they have the ability to manipulate the dice, turning a glancing blow into fatal wound. The opponents of the Um’Kator may […]

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CMON Holiday Sale 2017

Holiday Sale Over

After almost 30 days, the holiday sale at the CMON Store has finally come to an end. Thank you to everyone who has taken part in the holiday sale. It is coming to an end on Sunday, December 24 and at that time, the web store will be temporarily closed for our annual stock take. The web store will reopen […]

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HATE: Um'Rak Young Blood

HATE: Um’Rak Tribe

The Um’Rak Tribe is now the second Tribe officially revealed from the HATE universe. The Um’Rak Tribe have survived for so long due to their trust for one-another. For generations, they avoided any hierarchy, eschewing leadership for a grim partnership in the business of dealing out death. This trust has lead them to success in war, and they are beginning to […]

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Work-in-progress Village board for HATE.

The Villages of HATE

Recently, the Um’Gra Tribe was officially revealed as the first of four Tribes in the HATE universe.  Today, we take a closer look at where those Tribes will live: the Village.  Each tribe lives in a Village, which is large enough to defend against some outside threats, but small enough that it can be left behind.  Villages, like its members, can grow […]

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